Ansel Adams' photography helps to provide a context as to the place of humanity within the wider world - something that we often forget about.

At a time when lives become busier and busier, the photography of Adams can help us all to take a step back and appreciate nature at it's finest. This was the real passion of this artist, and that can be seen from the photos included within this website.

Black and White photography has gained a greater popularity in recent years thanks to the way in which in can create a unique atmosphere, with a greater focus and less distractions from wider pallettes.

Ansel Adams was a critical influence in gaining academic and public support for photography as a genuine art form, rather than purely a hobby as it was seen previously.

The impactful nature of many of his scenic photographs began to persuade doubters of the virtues of photography and the technical requirements needed to do it effectively.

Ansel found his early years to be quite demanding, suffering with injuries from the great earthquake in San Francisco in the early 20th century.

The physical injuries impacted his confidence negatively but music and travel was to inspire the young Ansel to start to enjoy life for the first time.

Success in learning the Piano helped to build the young man's self-esteem, which then led to him starting to become interested in the art world for the first time.

Nature was already a passion for Ansel, with long walks in his local environment being enough to relax and inspire an inquisitive mind. Art and nature were now to combine in his life, as he went about making use of his creative sparks.

Whilst his own family would struggle financial having previously been relatively comfortable, they were still able to find the time and willingness to encourage him along this path, which was of course to later prove so fruitful.

Adams was soon to realise that photography could offer him a more lucrative career than his music would likely achieve, and this was part of his decision to concentrate almost entirely on it over the coming years.

The Ansel Adams brand has gone from strength to strength even after his death with many choosing his work to decorate their own homes in recent years. Framed art prints and photographs suit modern, minimalist homes. The immediacy of much photography makes it suitable as home decoration. Other popular names include French photographer, Robert Doisneau.

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We have tried to make the artwork as exhaustive and comprehensive as possible in order to give you the best summary of Adams' style and content from a highly prolific career, across many decades.

Ansel Adams held long term friendships with several artists who helped to influence his photographic direction. Georgia O'Keeffe, whom he first met in New Mexico in 1929, was one of the most significant of these. Their work has frequently been displayed together, despite the different art mediums in which they were involved.

Whilst holding alternative styles, their careers would have several similarities, such as the influence of Hawaii in their work. Both visited this region and found inspiration from the rich local culture for their own art.