This cascade is sometimes called the giant staircase and is located on the Merced River in Yosemite National Park. Ansel Adams was known for his black and white scenic photographs of the American West, in particular the Yosemite National Park where this was taken.

The movement of the water in this photograph really gives the impression that one is stood in the forest, looking up at the falls.

Many of the other photographs he has taken in this location are also available on this website, such as Pine Forest in Snow, taken in 1932.

Ansel Adams was one of the earliest photographers to have his work displayed in a gallery alongside paintings, and as such was a pioneer of his art form.

He founded a photography group of photographers who shared his photographic style.He also developed the 'Zone System' which is a photographic technique used to determine optimal film exposure.

It is this that gives his photographs their characteristic clarity and depth.