Birds on wire is a photograph taken by Artist, Ansel Adams of birds sitting on the telephone wire outside the Manzanar concentration camp for Japanese Americans. Ansel Adams was continuously using his art to raise the issue of environmental awareness.

This artist is known for the timeless beauty and extraordinary skill of his photographs.

He has been an environmentalist pioneer with a skill that helps preserve the countries scenic and wild areas of environmental beauty. Many Americans have him to thank for being a visionary in the saving of wild America.

Adams work will forever be referred to in the context of him being a Champion for a cause because of the commitment he has displayed.

This creative genius was given the opportunity by his friend in charge of the camp, Ralph Merritt, to photograph Manzanar, the most notorious of the concentration camps set up for Japanese Americans in 1943.

He considered this an outrage as his longtime employee and family friend Harry Oye had been relocated to Missouri, but welcomed the chance to document the determination and resilience of the internees. Adams captured their daily lives, pastimes and occupations while at Manzanar.