The "Birds on a Beach" print from Ansel Adams speaks for itself. This artist uses a combination of light and deep shadows to form detailed shapes.This mix of dark and light is both mesmerizing and incredibly alive.

It invites the viewer to engage in an environmental feast with all of their senses,to see, to hear, smell and even touch the landscape.

"Birds on a Beach" is only one of many taken by this environmentalist who is responsible for elevating photography to a fine art. Encouraging the preservation of nature was his primary drive for taking these shots.

Ansel Adams is also the pioneer of New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s photography department.

Hired by the U.S. Government in 1941 to photograph the national parks countrywide, he found his career taking off.

He is one of the most acclaimed landscape photographers in the world, because of the technical mastery revealed through his awe-inspiring work.

Being a staunch champion of wilderness preservation, he created an environmental consciousness with his work.

Ansel's art is a reflection of the beauty found in environmental landscapes across the world.