Ansel Adams combined photography and environmental campaigning in an influential career.

Much of his best work will be instantly recognisable for the locations in which they were taken, be it Yosemite National Park, XXX or XXX.

Adams was integral to helping Americans understand more about the merits of the American West landscape, with others now having taken up that mental since his passing.

The most significant impact of Adams remains in the techniques of professional photography, it was through years of practice and experimentation that this photographer was able to establish it as an art form accepted by academics and the public alike.

Ansel's technical achievements included the zone system, which he developed alongside fellow enthusiast, Fred Archer. This zone system helped an artist to set up precise exposure and contrast which would then deliver a higher quality picture, both in depth and clarity.

Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco, California into an affluent, successful family who had built several businesses over the generations since their arrival from Ireland.

Despite some financial problems for Ansel's parents, they were still able to care for their son, proving him with plenty of time and opportunities. Having begun with an interest in music, Ansel Adams felt a career in art could be more financially lucrative. At a time when his parents were struggling more than they normally would, financial rewards would have played a prominent role in his choice of direction.